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Understanding Common Spine Ailments You May Have

While many aches and pains can be the result of just exhaustion throughout the day, others may be caused by underlying issues that you are unaware of. In order to familiarize yourself with these conditions and symptoms, you can talk with your physician or spine specialist. Pain and tension can be caused by a number of factors, including mechanical issues, injuries, diseases and infections. Mechanical problems develop from the way that your spine moves or pressure that is put on it by your movements, such as bending or twisting. The most common issue is intervertebral disc degeneration, which means your discs are wearing down with age. Impact injuries can cause short-term or chronic pain and may lead to further damage to your spine and muscles, so be sure to get checked out whenever you are injured. You may also develop infections or diseases that wear down muscle tissue or cause deformities in your spine. Common Myths Related to Back Pain

We have all heard our parents or teachers tell us that we always need to sit up straight. However, sitting too straight for too long can also cause strain on your back. In addition, you always want to be careful about lifting heavy objects so you don’t throw out your back. The most important part is how you lift, not how much. Be sure to use the proper technique so your back is stabilized and your legs assist with the lifting. Also, you may think that lying in bed is the best way to cure back pain. The truth is that spending too much time in bed, more than a day, can actually make your pain worse. You can get your questions about your back pain answered by a spine professional so that you can relieve pain and strengthen your muscles moving forward.