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Back Pain and Injuries in Young Athletes

Most athletic injuries that happen to the back are muscle strains and ligament sprains that cause discomfort and stinging pain. It is important to note, however, that the same symptoms of a strain or sprain can be shared by more serious conditions, so it is important to get proper treatment by a doctor or expert if anything begins to feel out of the ordinary. Most often, strains and sprains in a young athlete’s back are caused by overuse, lack of conditioning, improper techniques in the sport and lack of stretching. Direct impact and trauma also will cause injury but is much less common. If such pain occurs, time away from the sport may be necessary in order to recover. Ice and pain medications can help as your child begins to get the full range of motion back. Be sure to talk with a doctor about any medications before giving them to your kids. What Exactly is a “Stinger?”

We hear the phrase all the time when watching sports, but what really is a “stinger?” A stinger happens when an athlete gets an injury to the nerves around the neck and shoulders. The term “stinger” is used due to the symptoms the athlete feels from the injury, including what has been described as an electrical sensation that moves from the injury down the arms. This type of injury happens most often in contact sports but it is not as catastrophic as a spinal cord injury. You can learn more about stingers and other back and spine injuries by talking to your doctor and spine specialist. This way you can also take preventative steps to best protect yourself and your children while competing in sports.