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Get Out and Exercise to Reduce Back Pain

Although this may be a good idea at first because you don’t want to further aggravate an injury, it is important to resume activity in order to strengthen your spine and back muscles. Of course, you want to be mindful not to spring back into your usual routine too quickly. By setting a plan in place to get up and moving within a few days you will be able to get a healthy flow of blood and nutrients to your back that will help reduce stiffness and tension. Start with low-impact exercise and work your way back up to full speed so that you can help your recovery go smoothly without any setbacks. Benefits of Aerobic and Low-Impact Exercises

Low-impact exercises such as walking and stationary bicycling are gentle on your back and help improve your conditioning when done on a regular basis. These types of exercises are useful both during the rehabilitation stage and as part of a normal workout routine. People that participate in aerobic exercises have fewer occurrences of low back pain and less pain when it does occur. If you have chronic back pain and do not engage in aerobic exercises, you may find that over time you have a drop in functionality that results in more pain. In addition, the natural release of endorphins helps fight pain and can lower your dependency on pain relievers so that you get stronger and more comfortable over time. Be sure to talk with your spine specialist about specific exercises you should engage in if you have back pain so that you can focus on getting better without worrying about causing further damage to your spine.