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Remedies to Help Ease Neck Pain

The trickiest part of neck pain is that the most often causes tend to exacerbate the problem and make it very difficult to rid yourself of discomfort. Since our head and neck get the most movement each day, there is no surprise that the risk of muscle strain and tension is high. When our muscles strain, and our heads have 32 muscles supporting them, blood supply decreases. This causes even more pain because you will find that your neck muscles tense further. Reducing stress from your job or at home can help you relieve this tension in your neck. Working on your posture can help strengthen your back and neck muscles and over-the-counter pain relievers or getting a massage can release tension as well.

Neck Exercises to Try at Home

There are two types of neck exercises that can help you strengthen muscles and reduce pain. Range-of-motion exercises help you stretch your muscles, while isometric exercises are performed with resistance. Start by turning your head as far to the right as possible without causing more pain. Repeat this on the left side then touch your chin to your chest. Follow by tilting your head to the left and right without turning to help work your neck muscles. Isometric exercises do not involve moving your head, but the resistance helps you reduce pain. Sit up straight and relaxed and press your forehead into your palm, using your palm to resist. Do the same with your hand on the right and left side of your head. Be sure to talk with your doctor if you continue to have discomfort so that any underlying issues or more serious conditions can be checked out moving forward.