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Dr. Hooman Melamed’s Ultra-Minimally Invasive Biportal Endoscopic Approach to Spine Surgery: Learn More

Advanced Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Beverly Hills

The world of medicine is ever-evolving, with innovations that redefine how we perceive treatments and surgeries. A prime example of such medical progress is the field of spinal care. One of the most transformative techniques in spine surgery today is Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery (BESS). Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, a leading provider of spine surgery in Beverly Hills, is at the forefront of this groundbreaking technique.  Dr. Melamed was the 1st one in the United States to perform this groundbreaking ultra-minimally invasive technique.

Redefining Traditional Approaches: BESS Over Single Portal Surgery

Traditional endoscopic spine surgeries employ a single portal or incision through which the surgeon performs the operation. While effective, single portal surgeries have limitations, as they constrain the surgeon to a two-dimensional workspace.  

In contrast, BESS utilizes two independent, exchangeable portals. This allows the surgeon more flexibility and visualization, converting the operational field from 2D into a magnified, panoramic 3D view. As a result, surgeons can work closer to the target lesion while maintaining a safe distance from sensitive bony and neural structures.   It allows the surgeon to have better access to the spine and allows more pathologies to be addressed through this technique rather than a single portal approach.

Advantages of BESS: Why It’s a Game-Changer

BESS comes with a plethora of benefits over traditional methods:

  • Excellent magnification and better visualization: This is paramount for complex spinal conditions that require intricate operations.
  • Increased flexibility and greater access: Surgeons can treat a wider range of pathologies than before, and the double portal allows for more dynamic maneuvering.
  • Avoiding toxic dyes: Unlike traditional methods that may use methylene blue dye for visualization, BESS eliminates the need for such toxic substances, thereby reducing complications.
  • Fast recovery: Most patients go home the same day and are back to normal life swiftly, reducing the financial and emotional burdens of long hospital stays. Patients can go to work in a few days, drive and travel right away.  No Narcotics are needed. Most patients hardly take any pain pills but may take over-the-counter Tylenol and NSAIDs.
  • Lower risk of complications: Continuous irrigation minimizes infection rates, and the technique itself has less potential for long-term instability.
  • Avoid bigger, more invasive surgeries:  Dr. Melamed has saved many patients from having fusion, artificial disc replacements, and more invasive decompression types of surgeries.

Dr. Melamed’s Revolutionary Approach to BESS Spinal Fusions in Beverly Hills

Dr. Melamed wasn’t always an advocate for endoscopic surgeries. For years, he had been growing increasingly discontented with invasive spinal fusion techniques. After in-depth research and training with master surgeons outside the U.S., he embraced BESS as a revolutionary approach that aligns with his philosophy of patient-centered care.

The Surgical Procedure: What to Expect

The surgical technique involves making two small incisions — each roughly a quarter to a third of an inch. One portal is for viewing through a fiber-optic video camera, and the other is for surgical operations. These portals can be switched as needed, ensuring maximum efficiency. The procedure can treat a range of conditions, from spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis to degenerative disc disease and more.

Risk and Recovery

While BESS is a minimally invasive approach, it’s essential to understand that all surgeries come with potential risks, albeit small. These may include spinal fluid leaks, nerve injury, and reherniation, among others. The upside, however, is the incredibly quick recovery time, with most patients resuming normal activities in a matter of weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Melamed for Spine Surgery in Beverly Hills?

Dr. Melamed is not just a practitioner but a pioneer in the field of Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery. His commitment to patient care, combined with rigorous training and mastery of BESS, places him as one of the top spine surgeons, not just in Beverly Hills but globally.

He has garnered accolades for his revolutionary approach to spine health, and patients under his care experience not just excellent medical attention but also the peace of mind that comes with being treated by a leading expert in the field.

Experience Revolutionary Spinal Care with Dr. Melamed in Beverly Hills

Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery (BESS) is a game-changer in the realm of spine surgeries, providing patients with a safer, more effective, and quicker solution to their spinal issues. If you’re based in or around Beverly Hills and are seeking expert spinal care, Dr. Hooman M. Melamed is the surgeon you can entrust with your health.  Just as important, Dr. Melamed embraces a holistic homeopathic approach by being narcotics-free and focusing on total body and gut health and not just your spine.

If you are interested in learning more about BESS or would like to consult with Dr. Melamed, please feel free to reach out to The Spine Pro team in Beverly Hills. Transform your life with the best in spinal care. Click here to request an in-person or telemedicine/televideo virtual appointment or call 424-21-SPINE.