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Is a Bad Mattress Affecting Your Spine? Dr. Hooman Melamed Weighs In

Sleep is an essential component of our overall well-being. It’s not just about the quantity of sleep we get, but also the quality. One of the most overlooked factors affecting our sleep quality is the mattress we sleep on. A bad mattress can lead to restless nights, morning aches, and even long-term spine issues.

Our very own Dr. Hooman Melamed, a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon and sports medicine specialist, recently shared his expertise on this topic with Homes & Gardens. He delved into the signs that indicate you might be sleeping on a bed that’s not right for you. From waking up sore and feeling stiff to the visible signs of wear and tear on your mattress, Dr. Melamed provides insights on how a poor mattress can impact not just your sleep but your overall spine health.

Interested in learning more about the signs of a poor bed and how it can affect your health? We invite you to read the full article and benefit from Dr. Melamed’s expert advice.

Read the full article on Homes & Gardens

Remember, your spine health is crucial. Don’t let poor mattress quality compromise it. Stay informed, make the right choices, and always prioritize your well-being.