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What does Foam Rolling do for Your Muscles?


You may have heard from your friends or a trainer at the gym about getting a foam roller to help your muscles recover from a workout. When you work out, and even
when you are just walking around and doing business on a daily basis, there is wear and tear on your muscles that can lead to cramps, knots and pain. Foam rolling helps smoothen and lengthen your muscles and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue. When you exercise, microtears and swelling can add more pressure to nerves and blood vessels. By simply grabbing your foam roller, you can help your muscles relax by tapping into the sensory receptors that connect your muscle fibers to the tendons. This helps result in better circulation of the blood, which promotes recovery and boosts your performance along the way. At The Spine Pro we are here to help your muscles recover correctly.

Part of the equation is knowing how to get the most out of your foam roller after you purchase one. Using a foam roller is as easy as it sounds; simply use it to roll along your muscles that need work. Your legs and back are typically going to get the most use out of the roller. Place the foam roller on the ground and lay your back on top of it before slowly moving your body back and forth so the roller travels along your back. You can do the same with your legs to help stretch muscles. After a workout is the best time to use the foam roller, followed by a static stretch of your muscles. This allows the muscles to return to the proper length so they can recover faster and prevent scar tissue from building up. Be sure to talk with your doctor and spine specialist at your next appointment to learn more and see if a foam roller should be added to your routine.