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Exercise When Dealing with Back Pain

All you want to do is rest and relax in hopes that your pain will subside and you can go about your business like normal. However, with the motivation to get up and get going you will be able to take part in a few simple exercises that not only keep you in shape but also help to manage and reduce the pain you feel in your back. The pelvic tilt helps to strengthen the core muscles that support your spine. Lie on your back with your knees bent and tighten your stomach muscles until the small of your back is completely on the ground. You can also use the hamstring stretch, where you lie on your and pull your knees closer to your body, to increase flexibility in your legs and lower back. Finally, swimming offers you a fun exercise with natural resistance while increasing blood flow. Exercises to Avoid

While you are working to reduce your back pain there are also some activities you should avoid. Sit-ups put a lot of pressure on your lower back and can lead to you aggravating the situation. Bending over to touch your toes is also problematic because it causes you to put unnecessary strain on the muscles in your lower back that you are trying to recover. Finally, jogging may be good for your health but it creates a situation that puts you at greater risk of injury. Landing awkwardly can make your back pain increase exponentially. It is important to take things easy and not overdo yourself when you are in pain so that you can get back to full participation and health as soon as possible. Talk with your spine professional more about how exercise plays a role in your recovery from back pain.