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4 Common Exercises to Cause Injuries

Besides not being able to do physical activity, an injury due to improper exercise form can lead to costly rehab and physical therapy.

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The Spine Pro is here to help with information about four common exercises that lead to injuries and how they can be prevented. These four common exercises require high risk but the benefits are also high when done properly.



When doing a crunch, maintain a strong core is the best way to avoid lower back injury. To avoid injuries, slow down the movement and keep the abdominal flexed. Improper form during crunches can cause herniation and lumbar vertebrae injury as well. Lying on your back with legs at a 90-degree angel and abdominal flex will avoid any injuries to your spine and neck.

Kettle bell

One common misconception of the kettle bell swing is that many believe your arms are used to lift and swing the kettle bell, which can damage the rotator cuff and create shoulder injuries. All movement is from the lower body, specifically the gluteus and hamstrings. Focus on the motion of your lower body as you swing the kettle bell forward and engage your hips.


While doing a pull-up, your lats are very engaged along with your chest and abdominal. Your lats are one of the most underused muscle groups in your body and unless your lats are strong enough, you wont be doing a pull-up properly. Learning to do a pull-up strengthens your shoulders, back, and chest. Doing this exercise wrong will lead to shoulder injuries, short tight pecs, and do more harm than good for your body.

Overhead squats

The lack of mobility in your hips, knees, and ankles can make overhead squats more difficult and harmful to the body. This exercise also strains the shoulders and back, which will lead to pain and injuries. A safer and also affective modification to this exercise is the behind the neck squat which requires less mobility.