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How Many Days A Week Should You Be Working Out?


How many times should we be exercising a week to see the results we want?

The Spine Pro is here to help you and ease the confusion from this question that crosses all of our minds. For more Information on the Thoracic Spine please contact our team for a consultation or questions: (310) 574 – 0405

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to workout, this is not the best news for you. There is huge difference between working out for only two days a week as opposed to working out three days a week. Any type of exercise is progress as opposed to none at all, but depending on the type of shape you are currently in, only working out twice a week will not give you any improvements. You should be getting at least three days per week of a structured exercise routine. You should also strive to do some physical activity every day because of the counter affects of sitting all day in relation to exercising for one hour.

Working out for only an hour a day then sitting for the rest of the day will offset any progress made from the exercise. Staying active during the rest of your day not only when you set aside an hour to workout will optimize better results and health for your body.

The difference between working out twice a week versus three times a week is significant and the frequency of how often you stimulate your body. Preferably, you should progress to exercising beyond three times a week as you further your fitness goals. Only working out twice a week will not produce positive changes in your physical health.

Any type of resistance training should be done at least two to five days per week, depending on your current physical condition. Children and older adults can benefit from exercise only twice a week but should progress them into three to four days week routines as soon as possible.