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Testimonial – Ms. Branson – Severe Back Pain Relief from Spondylolisthesis

Ms. Branson was suffering from severe back and leg pain, due to a Grade 2 Isthmic Spondylolisthesis with a severe foraminal stenosis. She had a slip of one vertebrae on top of the other one at L5-S1 level from a pars fracture. The disc had deteriorated to such a degree that it collapsed, causing a narrowing of the channel for the nerves to go through and crushing them. Ms. Branson underwent a combined anterior and posterior spinal fusion, to correct the spondylolisthesis. This opened up the foraminal height by creating more room for the nerves, restoring the proper alignment, and obtaining proper stability, achieving a very fast and minimum recovery. The entire procedure was completed with a minimally invasive procedure and minimal recovery time. Ms. Branson now has no pain and is back to work full-time!