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Testimonial – John Rosenow – Leg Pain Gone after Microdiscectomy

John Rosenow experienced excruciating pain in his left leg due to a herniated disc. He underwent an outpatient minimally invasive surgery, a Microdiscectomy. This is his story.

JOHN’S STORY: John Rosenow, 56, had on and off back pain for 25 years. But after lifting an air conditioning unit improperly, he could not stand or walk and felt like his knee was on fire. He was on cortisone steroid pills for a few days but still complained of sharp pain in his knee. A full work-up by Dr. Hooman Melamed determined that he had a disc herniation which caused the radiating pain. Rosenow underwent a Microdiscectomy and the pain in his leg was gone following surgery.