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Testimonial – Jenny Hunt – Scoliosis From Hunchback to Standing Straight and Tall

Jenny Hunt suffered from adult scoliosis. She was a hunchback but now she now stands straight, tall and pain-free. This is her story.

JENNY'S STORY: Jenny flew from Ohio to Los Angeles after seeing Dr. Hooman Melamed on The Doctors TV show. She was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager and has multiple spine surgeries and attempted scoliosis correction surgeries. She had continuous, shape, stabbing, achy pain in her back radiating from her neck to her lower back. She also suffered from loss of balance and numbness in her hands and leg with prolonged walking, sitting, standing or driving. Her symptoms were gradually getting worse and Dr. Melamed was Jenny's last hope after being turned away by countless back surgeons. Dr. Hooman Melamed corrected her scoliosis by performing a 2 stage posterior spinal fusion and a decompression of the thoracic spine. Jenny tells her story of her pain and now nearly full recovery.