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Testimonial – Eileen – Adult Scoliosis, ALIF and Spinal Fusion

Eileen Moore suffered from a 53 degree scoliosis curve and suffered from back pain. This is her story.

EILEEN'S STORY: Eileen Moore, 54, had severe scoliosis which included a 53 degree curvature of the spine. She also suffered from having a club foot as a child which caused her foot and back pain. As she got older, she experienced achy, stabbing, throbbing and sharp pain across her lower back as soon as she did any activity -- walking, house chores, going to the store -- everything caused her pain. Despite trying aggressive physical therapy and pool therapy, her pain got worse. Eileen underwent a 2-stage operation with Hooman Melamed, M.D. to correct her curvature of the spine, scoliosis. The first was an anterior lumbar inter body fusion (ALIF) on her L4-S1 and the second was a T10-pelvis posterior spinal fusion. Eileen's scoliosis was corrected, her pain is gone and this video is her testimonial.