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Testimonial – Janet – I’m 100% Pain Free After Spine Surgery

Janet had so much pain from her lower right side down to her foot that it was almost impossible for her to walk. Then she saw Dr. Melamed on The Doctors and it changed her life. This is her story.

JANET'S STORY: "My experience with Dr. Melamed has been amazing. When I came to him I had pain in my lower right side down my leg into the top of my foot to the point that it was almost impossible for me to walk or to do anything any kind of exercise it was very painful. When I saw Dr. Melamed on the Doctors show I knew that he was the doctor I needed to come and see. I came down for a consultation, I was so impressed he's just an amazing doctor he is so qualified to help anybody that has any kind of a problem whether it's a new problem or something from failed surgeries. When I came to his center for the surgery everyone was so professional and so kind and so caring and my care was just top-notch. I would recommend Dr. Melamed to anybody, he is an amazing doctor and your life will totally be changed by the ability that he has to the surgeries that he's able to do and perform on people he just is amazing. I am a hundred percent pain-free!"