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Enjoy a Summer Movie Outing before School is Back in Session

The allure of the movie theater is that it offers you a respite from the hot summer weather, especially in Southern California. Luckily, ArcLight Cinemas in beach cities are teaming up to offer a one-of-a-kind event for families coming up in August. You will be able to take your children to see Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters on August 10th and 11th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and participate in a range of themed activities that add to the experience for everyone. The event is part of Sweet Summer, a season-long party that includes treats, games, photos and activities. For Sea of Monsters, you and your family will enjoy Monster sno-cones, monster-themed activities and photos with various monsters in the theater in addition to watching the feature film on the big screen.

Tips for Finding Events and Shows Happening in Your Area

It is not difficult to find great events that are happening locally. Whether you are interested in charity walks, concerts, dining showcases or farmers markets you can be sure to get the inside information you need by searching online or talking to your neighbors. Oftentimes details on events are posted in local coffee shops or grocery stores and are advertised in the paper or even online through Facebook. By keeping a look out for new and exciting activities you will be able to learn new things about your city and partake in great events that teach you about history, culture and more. Start your research and plan out your next weekend with local outings that everyone in your family is sure to enjoy.