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Lindsey Pelas’s Mystery Back Pain

Professional model and social media influencer, Lindsey Pelas, has over 8 million followers on Instagram. She credits her large chest for her mass of followers, but her fame has come at a cost. Lindsey started to experience a nagging pain, particularly in the lower left side of her back, saying that some days it even hurts all over. 

After years of ongoing back pain, it was time for Lindsey to get some answers. She was sent to Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, a widely recognized and top board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon in the U.S, to find out what was causing her back pain.

Lindsey explained that her back pain usually comes after a long day of traveling or modeling. Sometimes when she travels by plane, she notices that the lower left side of her back will feel sore for a few days post-travel. Since Lindsey has been experiencing back pain for longer than three months, Dr. Melamed decided to give Lindsey an evaluation and MRI to make sure he wasn’t missing anything else that may be causing her pain. The MRI scan was to ensure that the discs of her spine looked fine, as well as making sure that nothing was pinching the nerves.

After carefully reviewing Lindsey’s problem, Dr. Melamed was able to clear Lindsey of any serious spine issues. “The great news is that there are zero structural problems, the MRI and the x-rays show a perfect spine,”  Dr. Melamed said. 

The cause of Lindsey’s back pain was linked to her sitting on the plane for prolonged periods or when she was doing modeling shoots that required her to stand for some time. Dr. Melamed also considered that it may be harder for Lindsey to maintain good posture because of the extra weight she carries in her breasts. 

Dr. Melamed explained, “You just have to really focus a lot more on these muscles, all the way from the trap to the lower back muscles to maintain a straight posture.” Dr. Melamed advised that Lindsey should avoid wearing heels if she doesn’t have to, as well as making sure she gets some sort of movement while on long flights. Maintaining a consistent core and trunk stability program on a weekly basis that incorporates yoga and pilates can also be quite beneficial. 

Dr. Melamed often notices that many patients get invasive surgeries from other spine surgeons  when they aren’t required. He stays true to his values by offering a less invasive surgery and exhausting conservative care options before even considering surgery as an option. Most spine surgeons will place patients on narcotics to help with the pain following surgery. Dr. Melamed follows a holistic approach that doesn’t require patients to take narcotics or other painkillers to relieve pain post-surgery and has his patients back on their feet within hours after surgery and back to work within a few days. 

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