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Dr. Melamed Weighs In On the Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men

Founder of The Spine Pro, Hooman Melamed, MD, FAAOS, was featured in a Forbes article outlining the best weightlifting shoes for men that offer unrivaled squat support.

Unlike running sneakers, weightlifting shoes are designed with a wider fit. This allows for improved stability and better shock absorption when performing high-impact movements repeatedly.

“This allows for more lateral movement to build and strengthen smaller and underutilized muscles that help you stabilize during a workout,” said Dr. Melamed in the article.

The article goes on to note that a shoe strap is key for providing an extra layer of foot stability.

Check out the article on to learn more about the benefits of a good weightlifting shoe and to see which options Dr. Melamed recommends for achieving the best squat performance.

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