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4 Questions Answered About Scoliosis

Most people want to know what scoliosis means, how they got it, and can it be treated. And since this medical disorder is most commonly associated with children, their parents can quickly become consumed by fear. Let’s try to answer four of the most common questions about this highly treatable medical condition.


What is scoliosis?

There are several different forms of scoliosis, but a patient with this diagnosis is known to suffer from a curvature or deformity of the spine. While this medical definition might initially sound somewhat alarming, the disorder actually affects some 7 million people in the United States alone. Scoliosis is so common that the California school system even tests for the disease regularly among it student body.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Because the spine can curve in a multitude of different directions, scoliosis comes with a wide variety possible symptoms. The disorder usually first becomes apparent between the ages of ten to fifteen years of age, resulting in an uneven appearance at the waist or shoulders. In some cases, the ribcage may appear slightly asymmetrical.

How is it tested?

The initial testing procedure is quick and painless. After all, the California school system performs these tests on all seventh and eighth graders annually. Testing involves the child bending forward at the waist while a trained medical examiner looks for an uneven appearance in the ribs, back, or waist. If the child requires further testing, an X-ray evaluation may be recommended.

What if scoliosis isn’t treated?

If scoliosis is left untreated, the condition can easily get worse. The uneven appearance can become more exaggerated before the condition begins to cause other medical problems of the heart and lungs. Persistent back pain will likely follow, and breathing difficulties may even occur. For more information on scoliosis diagnosis and treatment, contact our offices today.

Scoliosis Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

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