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The Importance Of Listening To Your Body

Dr. Hooman Melamed states how the most important doctor for your body is you; it is crucial that we listen to our bodies very closely and take action when we think something is off. You are the most important doctor for your body. This is because no matter how experienced your doctor is, no one knows and understands your body and its dynamics like you do. Dr. Melamed recommends evaluating your body as a doctor would. Any back, neck, knee, ankle, or other joint pain you experience should be addressed immediately. Listen to your body and, if there is something wrong, fix it!

If you leave things untreated, it is highly likely that they can lead to future problems that could potentially be surgical or untreatable. He also challenges mainstream notions that the core is just the torso. In actuality, the core is made up of a chain of muscles, from the abdominals, the low back, pelvis, and even lower extremities like knees and ankles. If there is a disruption in any of these areas, it throws the whole core off. Don't think of your body as separate joints and muscles that have their own distinct problems; everything is connected and relies on the other.