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The Doctors – Gabby, Teen Soccer Player, Develops Double Scoliosis (Part 1 of 2)

Watching children excel at the sports they love is a proud moment for any parent. However, strenuous activities can sometimes lead to health issues, especially if injuries go unchecked or the body isn’t given time to rest. "The Doctors" TV show followed the painful journey of one young girl and the hope received by visiting Dr. Hooman Melamed’s office in Los Angeles. Gabby was just a fun-loving 10-year-old, playing soccer when she noticed a bulge in her lower back. What doctors found shocked Gabby and her parents. They diagnosed her with double scoliosis. X-ray images showed severe bends in both the upper and lower part of Gabby’s spine and doctors recommended serious surgery. After undergoing years of conservative treatments to avoid surgery, Gabby’s grandmother was watching The Doctors TV show featuring Dr. Melamed. In the episode, Dr. Melamed had successfully treated a boy with a scoliosis condition, similar to Gabby’s. That’s when they called Dr. Melamed for a second opinion and advanced treatment plan.