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The Doctors – Tethered Spinal Cord Freed By Surgery

Coping with a congenital disorder called Pectus Excavatum, or sunken chest, resulted in surgery for a young boy named Kyle, but that wasn’t the end of his health journey. "The Doctors" TV show detailed Kyle’s journey to Dr. Hooman Melamed’s office in Los Angeles. Noticing a curve in his spine following surgery for sunken chest, Kyle soon discovered he was developing severe scoliosis. Doctors had recommended a low back fusion. That’s when he turned to Dr. Melamed for a second opinion. Dr. Melamed immediately ordered an MRI and discovered a condition other doctors overlooked - a tethered spinal cord. Had Kyle had a fusion like other doctors prescribed, Dr. Melamed believes he would have been paralyzed. Kyle underwent surgery with Dr. Melamed to free up his tethered spinal cord. It would take another surgery by Dr. Melamed to correct Kyle’s severe scoliosis. Using his advanced techniques, Dr. Melamed was able to help Kyle find relief and renewed life.