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The Doctors – Dr. Travis Stork’s Neck Surgery

Experiencing pain or weakness in your back? Don’t wait to get it checked! We could not be more delighted that Dr. Travis Stork from the popular TV show The Doctors chose to see Dr. Hooman Melamed, Los Angeles Spine Surgeon, about his persistent health issue.

Dr. Stork’s Story

Dr. Stork was in the best physical condition of his life… until he started to experience painful back and neck spasms at the beginning of season 8 of The Doctors show. Dr. Stork is a very athletic person and continued his active lifestyle, but his pain gradually worsened and his right arm was soon completely numb. As someone who is in great shape and who dislikes going to the doctor, Dr. Stork ignored his symptoms and went about his way. It wasn’t until the pain became unbearable that he asked for Dr. Melamed’s help.


“[Dr. Travis] had the classic symptoms, which is numbness, pain, stiffness, radiating pain, and the weakness… The key was not ignoring them cause you don’t want permanent nerve damage.” – Dr. Hooman Melamed

After running some MRI scans, Dr. Melamed was able to pinpoint the cause of Dr. Stork’s pain. He noticed that there was an impingement on his right C7 nerve root, with a little fragment that had pushed out — right where he was experiencing all of his numbness. This explained all of Dr. Stork’s tricep weakness. Hoping to avoid minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. Stork decided to change his ways and Dr. Melamed suggested some alternative solutions.

Dr. Melamed always gives patients a customized treatment plan that is best for them. He recommended a variety of treatment options, from acupuncture to rehab, to help Dr. Stork avoid spine surgery. Dr. Travis Stork went running with his advice.


With Dr. Melamed’s recommendation Dr. Travis Stork visited the back pain “Dream Team”. Through acupuncture, posture exercises, and chiropractic care, his numbness and pain significantly decreased. Thanks to Dr. Melamed’s great advice and treatment plan, Dr. Stork’s body is now on the way to recovery.

Like Dr. Travis, 90% of people can avoid spine surgery if they get help in time!

It was a truly a privilege for Dr. Melamed to take part in such a special episode of The Doctors. What we can take from Dr. Stork’s story, is never ignore symptoms of pain from your body; especially if it persists for a long period of time. No matter how healthy we may be, we are not adverse to pain or sickness.

“I feel that this is going to be the best year of my life!” – Dr. Travis Stork