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The Best Diet For Total Body Health

Dr. Hooman Melamed talks about the ideal diet for optimal health and how it can help you avoid back injuries when coupled with exercise and lifestyle changes. A proper diet is key to minimizing silent inflammation in the body, which heightens the risk of injury. Dr. Melamed stresses the importance of avoiding processed sugars and foods. When choosing an animal protein, he recommends grass-fed beef, pasture raised chickens and eggs and wild caught seafood.

He highly supports a modified paleo diet, which is high in veggies, natural animal protein, low glycemic index fruits, and unrefined complex carbohydrates (quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat). Since eating and digesting stimulates the brain, Dr. Melamed recommends trying out intermittent fasting. A proper diet can maintain youthfulness and longevity, help you heal better from injuries, and is especially important before and after surgery.