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Testimonial – Microsurgery Saved Eric From Major Procedure

Undergoing a major open back surgery was not Eric's idea of a solution for his chronic pain. Conservative treatments, like physical therapy, weren't helping to improve Eric's spine condition and made surgery his only option for relief. Eric's physician wanted to perform a traditional fusion but, seeking a second opinion, Dr. Melamed recommended a simpler microsurgery that would minimize the risk of complications and blood loss as well as shorten recovery time. Knowing Dr. Melamed was a respected Top US Spine Surgeon, Eric felt very comfortable in trusting that he was in the right hands. If you have been told that a spinal fusion is your only option, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion by calling (310) 730-1787 or visit Dr. Melamed specializes in neck and back microsurgery that can help patients get back to enjoying life quicker than traditional spine procedures.