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KTLA 5 – Do Back Pain Gadgets Work?

More than 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. While most back pain sufferers will never need surgery, almost all will attempt conservative treatment, like physical therapy or chiropractic care. Conservative therapies, however, can get expensive, which is why many patients turn to at-home health gadgets to ease back pain. But which gadgets are truly effective treatments and which may not work or, even worse, exacerbate the pain.

Neck and back pain expert, Dr. Hooman Melamed, recommends the first thing patients should do, before grabbing for any health gadget, is to consult a physician. "If you have anything that is neurologic, or any numbness or shooting pain, don't just start doing things. Get seen [by a doctor] right away because something bad could be going on." In this segment by KTLA in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Melamed applies his expertise to breakdown the best gadgets to ease back pain and explains how to properly use each product.