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How To Exercise For Spine Health

Dr. Hooman Melamed discusses the do's and don'ts of exercising in terms of back and joint health. It is highly beneficial to begin exercising from a young age. This conditions the body to move properly and reduces the risk of back problems that arise from a chronic sedentary lifestyle. However, the form is much more important than the presence or absence of exercising. Performing exercises with improper form are detrimental to the spine and joints, placing you at extremely heightened risk for future health problems. Exercising poorly causes micro repetitive trauma to the spine and joints which, over time, causes wear and tear. Dr. Melamed highly recommends consistency of movement, attention to form, and low impact exercises for maintaining good bone and joint health. If you have an existing or recovering spine or joint injury, low impact is extremely important to prevent future injury. Exercise may not work for all patients suffering chronic neck or back pain.