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H2 Biotics – Optimize Your Weight Loss

H2 Biotics is a probiotic product specially formulated for weight loss. The Small Intestinal System functions as a "Second Brain." What you eat is very critical to your gut health. Specific bacteria in your gut is responsible for many functions including mood, depression, anxiety, constipation, obesity, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson's, and more.

Dr. Melamed was not satisfied with probiotics on the Market. None of them were specifically optimized for weight loss. So after a year of research, he decided to create his own product to offer patients. Containing 37.5 billion live cells, there is currently no other probiotic on the market like it. This patent pending formula helps by restoring the good gut bacteria needed to properly digest food. Watch the video to learn more & find out how H2 Biotics can help you optimize your weight loss.