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Balancing Gut Bacteria Is Key For Health

Gut health can be so critical in long term vitality, so it is important to maintain a proper balance of "good bacteria," especially for those facing or undergoing surgery. So often, surgical patients are prescribed harsh antibiotics that essentially wipe out both beneficial and detrimental gut bacteria which can lead to a myriad of consequences, such as muscle or joint inflammation, IBS or infections that are immune to antibiotics. Taking probiotics can help counteract the effects of antibiotics, which can be necessary under certain circumstances, and ensure that good gut bacteria flourish. Customized by Dr. Hooman Melamed, a Top US Spine Surgeon, H2 Biotics features three probiotic strains, 37.5 billion live cultures and is optimized for weight loss. Cutting down on weight is essential to spine health—putting less strain on the neck and back.