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These 7 Habits Are Zapping Your Energy

Los Angeles Spine Surgeon Dr. Melamed affirms that these 7 habits are robbing you of your energy.

Not drinking enough Water

Dehydration lowers blood volume and makes blood thicker causing the heart to pump inefficiently. This then forces oxygen and nutrients to take longer to reach your organs and muscles.

Not enough Iron in your diet

An Iron deficiency leaves you feeling weak, unfocused, and sluggish. Less oxygen travels to your cells and muscles. Foods like eggs, green vegetables, and tofu along with vitamin c should provide enough iron.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Working harder and longer than necessary to reach unrealistic goals will leave you tired. Setting realistic goals and making sure to take breaks will help lower stress.

Worrying too much

Expecting that the worst case scenario will always come true is exhausting. When you notice these types of thoughts take a deep breath and reflect on the situation. Making sure to exercise and/or sharing your concerns with a friend may help.

Not able to say NO

Trying to please everyone is difficult and extremely exhausting. When you’re asked to do something extra like coming in to work on a Saturday, consider saying no. If you find it difficult to say no to others, try saying the word aloud to yourself.

You’re always working

Not leaving work at the office will increase stress and leave you feeling drained. Try to rest and avoid constantly checking your phone or tablet for work related emails. Make sure to stay away from your devices before you go to bed because it might interfere with sleep.

You need Caffeine to survive the day

Drinking up to three cups of coffee daily is good for you, but consuming more than that can hurt your sleep-wake cycle. Adensonine an anti arrhythmic nucleoside that helps you fall asleep is blocked by caffeine. Consuming beverages or foods that contain caffeine six hours before bedtime can also keep you from getting enough sleep.