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The Potential and Power of Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

Over the course of our very busy lives, men and women everywhere contend with the ever-increasing risk of experiencing back injuries and developing spine-related conditions that can significantly affect their health, happiness, and ability to live pain-free. Regardless of your chosen profession or average level of physical activity, the natural aging process always brings with it the possibility for ongoing back pain to become a very real and very debilitating constant. Add to that the daily factors that raise the odds of injury and it’s no wonder that many people live in fear that their golden years may offer significant challenges in regards to spinal health.

Fortunately for all of us, medical advances regarding back and spine treatment have been growing at an accelerated rate in the past few decades. While there is yet to be a cure-all fix for the various conditions and injuries that may affect the spine, top researchers have been devoting an increasingly significant amount of time, resources, and manpower to seeking solutions for conditions such as degenerative disc disease and damaged spinal discs.

At the forefront of this research is stem cell therapy, an often-discussed and highly sought-after field of medical treatment that has scientists the world over working around the clock to perfect. As it stands, this experimental form of therapy offers a great deal of potential in assisting back pain sufferers here and now in not only combating their conditions but also possibly reversing them.

Stem Cell Therapy Made Simple

Although many of us have heard the phrase “stem cell therapy” in the media, most people outside the medical field are unfamiliar with how the science behind it takes place. Our bodies contain a number of cells that are actually unspecialized in function and have yet to take on the roles required by our systems. Referred to as “stem cells,” these cell structures actually contain the ability to divide and create progenitor cells, which have within them the ability to specialize into specific functions such as red blood cells or even brain tissue.

Included among these possible cell types are the cells that become incorporated into bone structures and cartilage. As such, orthopedic researchers and spine surgeons alike hold great interest in how stem cells can be introduced into the human body to support and regenerate damaged tendons, ligaments, joints, and other skeletal structures.

While the research into stem cell therapy is still ongoing, studies have shown that there is immense potential in the science of stem cells. In fact, many medical fields are investigating methods and innovative treatments that may leverage the research in a way that many older adults might repair or even reverse the wear and tear of natural aging and serious injuries.

Stem Cell Treatment in Resolving Back Pain

Leading orthopedic spine surgeons are currently applying the latest treatments in stem cell therapy to perform minimally invasive surgery as a means to combat degenerative disc disease and correct spinal damage. Through the strategic use of platelet rich plasma and mesenchymal stem cells (stem cells cultivated from living adult tissue), certain medical facilities are allowing eligible back pain sufferers to undergo cutting-edge treatments through stem cell injections.

Although these treatment options are still relatively new in the field of medicine, spine surgeons have already seen significant results through stem cell injections. Treated conditions such as herniated discs, annular tears, and many other back-inducing injuries have been responsive through the procedure and shown increased strength and healing.

The Stem Cell Treatment Process

The most current and innovative stem cell injection procedures are conducted to be expedient, safe, and with minimal recovery time. When implementing a stem cell injection, orthopedic spine surgeons and their expert teams induce the patient under anesthesia prior to performing a minor operation that lasts around thirty minutes in duration.

During this procedure, the surgical team removes a small portion of bone marrow from the patient in order to extract a mixture of stem cells and other vital organic components. These elements are mixed together and carefully, strategically injected into intervertebral spinal discs and joints. After an hour of observation, the patient goes home the same day and is able to resume regular living and work without the need for long recovery periods.

For those patients concerned about undergoing extensive spinal surgery for herniated discs or joint replacements, cutting-edge stem cell therapy offers an experimental solution to back pain with results that may possibly even delay or prevent the need for future spine treatment.

An Experienced Spine Surgeon for Stem Cell Treatment

If you find yourself concerned about current back pain or spinal damage and feel that stem cell injection may be what you’re seeking, then request an appointment with us. Our Marina Del Ray facilities are able to assist you regarding whether this innovative medical procedure may be the right fit for your needs. You may also call our offices to speak directly with a representative that can schedule you for consultation.