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The Numerous Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Los Angeles Spine Surgeon, Hooman Melamed, shares the benefits of drinking coffee. On its own, caffeine is an all natural resource that doesn’t come with artificial energy boosters. In the right moderation, it doesn’t directly cause harm to the consumer. Like many other substances, drinking too much caffeine may cause an increased risk of strokes and hypertension due to an increase in blood pressure and acidity. For anyone concerned about their health and fitness, coffee can help someone naturally gain more energy that would keep them motivated to stay active. The energy that comes from coffee is natural and is an excellent substitute for commercial energy drinks that can leave an individual feeling drained afterwards.

Studies show that coffee lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and high blood sugar.

Having a small cup of coffee along with dessert can help you pace your meal and digest the sweet treat faster. In its pure form, coffee can detoxify the body and help maintain good cholesterol levels.

Adding to its benefits, coffee contains the antioxidant Niacin as well as essential minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium. Due to coffee’s low fat and sugar levels, it can be considered a safe diet and energy drink. In addition, there is a chemical within coffee that acts as both an antivirus and metabolism booster in the body. To better help with the digestive system, coffee helps the liver break down enzymes that come from digestion and absorption, which can improve the overall health of an individual. This can help the liver cleanse the blood and store nutrients that are essential to the body.

The next time you drink your morning cup of joe, feel great about it and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you did your body a favor!

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