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Simple Tips for a Healthy Spine

Whether you find yourself sitting on the couch at home, lifting heavy items at work or walking around the park with your loved ones, it is important to do all you can to support your back and keep it healthy for the future. When standing, it is a good idea to keep one foot forward with your knees slightly bent in order to reduce pressure on your lower back. When carrying items- especially heavy objects- keep them close to your body so you do not have to strain complete your task. While you are sitting at work, try to keep your knees slightly higher than your hips and use proper posture so your spine does not take on any unnecessary weight. Lifestyle Choices Affect Back Pain Tolerance

Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan will reduce the amount of stress on your spine as well. By losing weight and doing exercises to strengthen your back, you can help to alleviate pain and give your body the support it needs. Talk with your doctor about your exercise plan and diet to make sure that you are still getting all the nutrients you need to keep your body in top shape. In addition, studies suggest that smokers have more spine pain than nonsmokers due to chemicals in tobacco smoke restricting blood flow to the tissues in and around your spine. Smokers also heal more slowly after having an episode of back pain or an injury due to this reason. You can learn more about what affects your back and how to get the relief you’re seeking by talking with your spine specialist.