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Replace Your Advil With These Healthier Alternatives

The first thing that comes into most people’s minds when they experience a headache or any kind of pain is…Ibuprofen. Though Ibuprofen is effective for pain, it does have a few negative side effects. Of the list of side effects some of the most serious ones include: dizziness, nausea, anxiety, diarrhea, constipation and vomiting.

Rather than using Ibuprofen, here are few notable substitutions:

1. Ginger:

Though it is known for combating stomach issues, it is also great for muscle pain and arthritis.

2. Turmeric:

This astounding herb is absolutely effective against inflammation and pain.

3. Cat’s Claw:

This wonderful herb is great for inflammation. It’s derived from Central and South America. It can be used as a tea or grounded and placed into pills.

4. Cayenne Pepper:

This pepper can be used topically or it can be consumed; both ways are proven to be effective. If you intend to consume cayenne pepper, try this. Mix a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne with a glass of warm water and drink.

5. Boswellia:

This Indian herb can relieve pain and inflammation throughout the body as it promotes blood circulation.

6. Licorice:

It is becoming a very common herb in many pharmacies and drug stores due to its effectiveness. Licorice can help relieve pain and reduced inflammation.

7. Fish Oil:

Fish oil is most commonly sold in pills. It is very useful in treating inflammation.

8. Holy Basil:

This wonderful herb makes a great tea. Holy basil is very useful against pain and inflammation.

9. Panax ginseng:

Aside from being an excellent stress reliever, panax ginseng is excellent for inflammation.

10. St. John’s Wort:

This herb is very good for treating depression as well as pain and inflammation. St. John’s wort makes an excellent tea. Do not consume St. John’s wort along with alcohol consumption.

The preceding material is provided by Back Pain Los Angeles. We strive to provide all people with the most accurate health tips.