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Dr. Hooman Melamed’s Ultra-Minimally Invasive Biportal Endoscopic Approach to Spine Surgery: Learn More

Dr. Melamed appears on the panel of experts for KABC radio show

Appearing on KABC’s So, What’s Your Problem, Dr. Melamed contributes his unique perspective as a surgeon on a range of different issues that people experience. Asked about his experiences on taking proactive action in order to stay healthy throughout life, Dr. Melamed imparts some insightful and timely advice.

As people age, our bodies change, but feeling helpless in the face of changes brought on by the aging process is something that can be easily avoided. Although it is possible to be predisposed to develop certain conditions, these can and should be combated proactively in order to avoid bigger health problems down the line. Dr. Melamed points out that we now have the power to prevent disease and illness in the body as we age, and the notion that we have bad genes and are doomed to suffer the consequences is false. On a personal level, he started looking into integrative and functional medicine in order to gain an in-depth understanding of exactly how to make lifestyle changes that prevent problems developing.

As highlighted by Dr. Melamed, it is possible to seem outwardly healthy while having underlying problems in relation to nutrition and exercise levels. In terms of spine health, discs and cartilage are very susceptible to the effects of toxins in the body that relate directly to nutrition. The chances of avoiding spine problems later in life can be greatly influenced by ensuring a balanced diet and appropriate nutrition in order to limit the intake of harmful toxins.